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Music Releases


First CD released in 2009 features "Old Man", "Cold Mountain" and "Life is Like a River".  Folk music at its finest.



Released in 2012 Destiny features "Canyon", "Destiny", "Dusty Road", "A Friend".  A country flare enhances these wonderful original tunes.



Released in 2016 Destiny features "Old Country Road", "In This Life", "Move On" and "Magic". Country originals with beautiful steel guitar and catchy lead guitar completes this latest CD.  A must have for the country music lovers.




  • All Original Music And Lyrics

  • Folk/Folk Rock And Country

  • Desirable Melodies

  • Thoughtful And Inspiring Lyrics

  • Rich And Appealing Vocals


Download "Horizon"

Download "Magic"

Download "Destiny"

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